Manpower Planning1. Manpower Planning

 At every step of the work, higher quality manpower solutions ensure by us with the use of the latest recruitment methodologies and high proficiency. Ultimately, with our best team, we able to improve the best business process, which is good for our solid relationship. Not only this, our manpower staffing services build up a great bridge between the companies and the candidates, which is a matter of appreciation and we always get the same from our clients.

We Chauhan Enterprises deal in Skilled/Unskilled Manpower (ITI & Non ITI Welder , Press Man, ITI & Non ITI Fitter , ITI & Non ITI Electrician ,Electronic ,  Helper , Packer.

2. Staff Recruitment. 

What makes us so uncommon? Well, it is our incomparable manpower services India and the best efforts we put to connect employers and candidates under one roof. Our matchless solutions are better than anything, that is why we always move forward successfully to make reforms in others lives and businesses. Our manpower recruitment services are not just dealing to proffer you a job or a candidate, but our efforts inclined more towards to supply instant and the best opportunity, which shouldn’t be there without us. Our quality services are non-comparable and proud that we have attained such efficient skills.

Chauhan Enterprises deal in Junior & Senior Staff.



3. Tranning & development

Training & Development is a continuous process and it should not stop at any stage. The management should ensure that a training & Development programme should attempt to bring about positive changes in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the employees.

Chauhan Enterprises provide Tranning on: 5S, TPM, Quality circle, Personality Development, Leasdership, Art of Life Etc.


4. Consulting Statutory Compliance,Salary/Wages ,PF, ESIC, Legal Compliance or Payroll Solutions.



5. Consulting HR strategies, systems, tactics and Procedures across the organization.

To run any organization successfully, it is important for organization to define clear HR policies and procedures which are in line with country’s labor law. HR policies provides the necessary framework to manage Human Capital. HR policies and procedures are an essential part of an organization and provide formal statements of ‘the rules’ that define how an organization operates on a day to day basis with respect to its people. A comprehensive HR policy document covers all aspects of an employment life cycle from on boarding till exit of employee. These policies needs to be documents and approved by HR and Management. These policies helps to ensure an organization is compliant with the applicable legal and mandatory employment regulations.



6. HR Audit services.